How African Diaspora is impacting the African continent
With over 30 million Africans residing outside of their home nations, the continent's diaspora has the potential to provide significant development funding. The diaspora's financial influence is seen in the large remittance figures that Africa receives each year from its foreign-based groups. In 2010, estimates reached a record US$ 40 billion, or 2.6% of the continent's GDP, excluding informal money flows. Furthermore, the diaspora saves an estimated US$53 billion each year.


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How Expats Can stay connected with loved ones financially with Yogupay

How Expat send money back home using Yogupay
Working overseas as an immigrant or expatriate offers enticing experiences and opportunities, to some it's a dream come true, but this comes with its own unique challenges, like having to leave behind friends and family back home, staying financially linked with them while struggling to navigate a complex landscape of currency conversions, fluctuating exchange rates, and limited options for a secure, fast and convenient money transfers back to their home countries.

5 Factors Impacting Cross-border Exchange Rates

5 Factors Impacting Cross-border Exchange Rates
International trading and transactions involve dealing with the constantly changing dynamics of cross-border exchange rates. These rates refer to the value conversion of one currency against another and are also known as foreign exchange rates. It is important to note that these rates are highly volatile and fluctuate due to a variety of economic factors such as interest rates, inflation, political instability, or even natural disasters.