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The Best 7 Apps to Send Money to Ghana

Best Apps To Send Money From UK to Ghana
In today’s global economy, sending money has become imperative for many people and firms. It is essential to get a reliable, fast, and affordable method for sending money to family & friends or colleagues in Ghana. There are a lot of money transfer apps on the market, and deciding which one to go with can be challenging.

How the African Diaspora Community is Impacting the African Continent?

How African Diaspora is impacting the African continent
With over 30 million Africans residing outside of their home nations, the continent's diaspora has the potential to provide significant development funding. The diaspora's financial influence is seen in the large remittance figures that Africa receives each year from its foreign-based groups. In 2010, estimates reached a record US$ 40 billion, or 2.6% of the continent's GDP, excluding informal money flows. Furthermore, the diaspora saves an estimated US$53 billion each year.