5 Saving Tips for Young Ghana Students in the UK

Yogupay lets you send money to Ghana or shop for whatever you need, all through an app on your phone. No more waiting in long lines only to get hit with huge charges. Now, you can save more money in your pocket instead of paying so much to money exchangers.

5 Saving Tips for Young Ghana Students in the UK

So you’ve finally made it to the UK for school as a young Ghanaian? Congratulations! That’s a big feat right there! 

However, you already know that between adjusting to life in a new country and keeping up with your studies, money matters can sneak up on you. Sending money back home or keeping yourself sorted with essentials in the UK often means dealing with crazy fees from using traditional banks and money exchangers.

There’s now an easier way. Yogupay lets you send money to Ghana or shop for whatever you need, all through an app on your phone. No more waiting in long lines only to get hit with huge charges. Now, you can save more money in your pocket instead of paying so much to money exchangers. 

Read on to discover 5 clever ways you can leverage Yogupay to save money while studying abroad in the UK. The struggle is real, but with these tips, you can save more on international transfers to Ghana in 2024. 

1. Compare Exchange Rates to Get the Best Deal

One of the best ways is by comparing exchange rates to get the best deal when sending money back home or buying essentials. Check Yogupay, Western Union, and your bank’s rates. Yogupay often offers lower fees and better exchange rates, saving you pounds for each transfer. The rates are transparent and locked in when you start a transfer, so there are no surprise fees.

Moreover, Yogupay offers a seamless FX exchange platform that allows you to switch between your preferred currencies with real-time exchange rates. That way, you don’t have to deal with exorbitant foreign exchange fees that can eat deep into your savings. 

Again, if possible, send money home every few months rather than weekly or monthly. Yogupay’s fees are a percentage of the total amount, so sending larger sums simultaneously means lower overall fees. 

2. Avoid High Wire Transfer Fees With Digital Transfers

As a young Ghanaian student in the UK, you know how expensive living abroad can be. Sending money back home or shipping essential items from Ghana often means paying steep fees to money transfer companies. But with Yogupay, you can avoid those charges and keep more cash in your pocket.

One of the biggest drains on your budget is wiring money to friends and family in Ghana. With Yogupay, you can send digital transfers directly to recipients’ mobile money accounts or bank accounts, eliminating expensive wire transfer fees. Yogupay’s exchange rates are also much more favorable, allowing you to send more cedis back home for every pound.

Moreso, your loved ones can easily fund your UK bank account through the Yogupay app without having to go through high bank charges or rigorous processes. Whether you need to pay tuition, cover living expenses, or pay for essential items shipped from Ghana, Yogupay makes it easy and affordable. The mobile app lets you fast money transfers at the tap of a button.

3. Restock From Ghana Without Heavy Shipping Fees

Do you miss your favorite Ghanaian snacks, cosmetics, or other staples that may be hard to find in UK stores, or even when you find them, they could cost an arm and a leg? With Yogupay, you can easily exchange your GBP to pay your favorite Ghanaian retailers in GHC and have items shipped to you in the UK without paying exorbitant foreign exchange fees. 

More so, for staples from home like rice, beans, or oils, you can use this opportunity to buy in larger sizes. Since you’re buying in bulk, you get a lower overall price and avoid transaction charges that are too frequent.

4. Save on Transaction Fees by Sending Money Digitally

As an international student in the UK, sending money back home to Ghana can be expensive, especially with traditional money transfer services charging high fees. However, with Yogupay, you won’t have to pay high transfer fees when sending money to friends and family.

So, to enjoy low transaction fees with Yogupay, link your UK bank account to Yogupay and easily send funds directly to mobile money wallets or bank accounts in Ghana. Once you’ve linked your accounts, sending money is simple. Just open the Yogupay app and go to beneficiaries, enter the amount you want to send, recipient bank details, preferred currency, and confirm the transfer. You are good to go.  You can now use Yogupay’s low fee to send to MTN Mobile Money wallets and all major Ghanaian banks. 

For added convenience, Yogupay also allows you to pay for utilities, mobile top-ups, and DSTV subscriptions for friends and family back home. All you need to do is send them GHC from your Yogupay app to settle their bills. 

By using Yogupay to send money and make international payments, young Ghanaians studying in the UK can avoid excessive fees and keep more cash in their pockets. 

5. Multiple Payment Methods to Send Money Home

As a young Ghanaian student in the UK, you might want to send money home from time to time.  Yogupay offers several payment methods so you can choose what works best for you. They include:

Bank Transfers: Link your UK bank account to Yogupay and transfer money directly. This allows for fast, low-cost transfers with competitive exchange rates. Set up recurring transfers to automatically send money each month. Your family back home will appreciate the dependable support.

Mobile Money: You can send money directly to their accounts if your family uses mobile money services like MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash in Ghana. Yogupay supports transfers to all major mobile money providers. Your family will receive the money instantly in their mobile wallets.

Using Yogupay to send money home gives you flexibility and control. You can choose to send a little each month or save up to send larger amounts when needed for tuition, medical bills or other important life events. Yogupay’s low fees and competitive exchange rates help your money go further so you can support your loved ones even while studying abroad.


In conclusion, Yogupay offers young Ghanaians studying in the UK a cost-effective and convenient way to send money back home and pay for essential items. By using Yogupay, they can avoid high wire transfer fees, compare exchange rates to get the best deal, pay online vendors to restock from Ghana without heavy shipping fees, and save on transaction fees when sending money home. With Yogupay, young Ghanaians can save more money, focus on their studies, and settle down better in the UK.

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