The Best 7 Apps to Send Money to Ghana

In today’s global economy, sending money has become imperative for many people and firms. It is essential to get a reliable, fast, and affordable method for sending money to family & friends or colleagues in Ghana. There are a lot of money transfer apps on the market, and deciding which one to go with can be challenging.


In today’s global economy, sending money has become imperative for many people and firms. It is essential to get a reliable, fast, and affordable method for sending money to family & friends or colleagues in Ghana. There are a lot of money transfer apps on the market, and deciding which one to go with can be challenging. After reading this article, you should be well enlightened on the best ways to guarantee your funds get to their location securely and swiftly.

What To Consider When Selecting Money Transfer App

Select only official apps.

The first point is not really a feature, but it assures that you do not fall into any traps. Only download online transfer apps from official stores like Google Play or the Apple AppStore. This not only assures that the programme is safe, but it also works properly on your smartphone.


Whether you’re making small payments or sending money to your parents to help them out each month, the most important thing to remember is that your money and financial information will be protected while you use the app. Look for an app with a strong reputation for security, is controlled by the appropriate authorities, and includes a variety of security features to keep you safe, such as two-factor authentication and biometric login.


Another element to consider when selecting a money-transfer app is any fees that may apply. Most apps will charge you to convert currencies or make payments to businesses. Fees could go up if you use the app frequently, so be sure you understand how much more you will be paying before deciding on which app to use.

The Best 7 Apps to Send Money to Ghana


Yogupay is a fast expanding money transfer platform that is gaining traction among people looking for easy and secure ways to send money worldwide.  Yogupay provides a number of features and perks that make it a worthwhile option.

One of Yogupay’s main advantages is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for consumers to navigate and initiate transfers. The portal also provides competitive exchange rates, ensuring that customers receive the most for their money. Yogupay also offers a variety of transfer options, such as bank transfers, cash pickups, and mobile money.

Yogupay prioritizes security and consumer confidence, employing strong authentication and encryption procedures to safeguard sensitive personal and financial data. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that their transactions are secure. It is continually expanding, giving users access to dependable partners and cash pickup sites across multiple nations. The platform also provides customer support, ensuring that users receive assistance when they need it.

Yogupay is especially suggested for persons who want to send money to Ghana and other African countries. Its focus on price, security, and convenience makes it an appealing choice for individuals looking for a dependable and user-friendly money transfer platform.

Yogupay is a money transfer service that offers competitive rates, safe transactions, and an easy-to-use interface. It is a promising solution for individuals who want to send money to Ghana and other African countries.


Remitly is one of the most well-known and trustworthy choices for international money transfers, serving millions of customers worldwide. The company takes pride in providing some of the most competitive exchange rates, short transfer times, and safe transactions, earning its customers’ trust and loyalty. Individuals in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia can use Remitly to send money worldwide.

The platform includes a simple interface that allows users to initiate and track transfers in real time. To maintain security, Remitly needs clients to give personal information and complete a verification process. This technique is crucial to protecting consumers’ financial information and preventing fraudulent activity.

Remitly also provides many transfer alternatives, with fees changing according to the transfer amount, destination country, and transfer type. Customers can select between economy and expedited transfers, with the latter charging greater fees but ensuring speedier transfer timeframes. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to users, offering to return the entire transfer fee if they are dissatisfied with the service.

A variety of variables contribute to Remitly’s popularity among clients. Its commitment to delivering reasonable and dependable money transfers, combined with good customer service, has made it a popular choice among many people, particularly those looking to send money home. The company also works with major banks across the world to make it fast and convenient for consumers to transfer funds to their bank accounts.


MoneyGram is one of the world’s oldest and most established international money transfer providers, with operations in over 200 countries. The organization takes pleasure in offering fast and safe money transfers, competitive exchange rates, and a variety of transfer choices.

While MoneyGram services customers worldwide, it is especially recommended for anyone looking to send money to Ghana from the United States or the United Kingdom. It serves a diverse variety of customers, providing services such as cash pickups, bank transfers, and mobile money.

MoneyGram also works with major banks and shops globally, making it simple for customers to conduct or receive money transfers. The technology allows customers to track their transfers in real time, which increases transparency and convenience.

Customers outside the United States and the United Kingdom may find MoneyGram’s fees to be higher than those of competing transfer services. The cost structure changes according to the transfer amount, destination country and method, and transfer speed.

Despite its relatively high costs, MoneyGram’s reputation for dependability, convenience, and security has made it a popular choice for many people throughout the world. The platform’s ties with major worldwide banks have built trust and loyalty, allowing it to weather stiff competition in the developing money transfer sector.


WorldRemit is a well-known and established international money transfer business that operates in over 130 countries worldwide. The platform provides a variety of transfer alternatives, including cash pickups, mobile money, bank transfers, and airtime top-ups, to cater to a wide range of consumer needs.

The feature of WorldRemit’s service is its extensive network of cash pickup sites, which gives consumers greater convenience when receiving their deposited funds. The portal also accepts a variety of payment methods, including debit and credit card payments.

In terms of pricing, WorldRemit provides competitive exchange rates that are typically cheaper than those of regular banks and other transfer providers. Customers can also benefit from its low fees, which vary based on criteria such as the transfer amount and destination country.


Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a market-leading money transfer service that is especially popular with people wishing to send modest to medium-sized transactions. The company provides transparent exchange rates and low fees, and it has lately expanded its services to accept debit card payments.

Wise’s distinct approach to money transfers is built on its original peer-to-peer transfer model, which eliminates traditional banking intermediaries, resulting in faster, cheaper, and more convenient transfers. The platform assures mid-market exchange rates, eliminating the markups and hidden fees associated with bank exchange rates.

Wise is a good solution for anyone who wants to send money to Ghana from Turkey or the United Arab Emirates. The platform offers good transfer choices and inexpensive pricing, making it a favorite choice for small and medium-sized transactions.


TransferGo is a reputable and reasonably priced money transfer service, notably for transactions to and from Europe. The organization provides a user-friendly platform, quick transfer times, and competitive currency rates.

The portal offers a variety of transfer alternatives, including bank transfers and smartphone payments. Customers can also track their transfers in real time, ensuring transparency and convenience. TransferGo’s pricing is a big selling point, particularly for clients looking to send modest to medium-sized transactions.

TransferGo is especially suggested for those wishing to send money to Ghana from the Eurozone. Its reasonable pricing structure, combined with its ease and versatility, make it a popular choice among many customers.


Skrill is a renowned digital payment platform that provides consumers with convenient and secure funding and payment choices. The platform accepts a variety of currencies and offers worldwide transfer options, including the ability to move to and from more than 40 countries.

Skrill is an affordable choice for people in the EU and the UAE who want to send money to Ghana. The platform provides fair fees and currency rates, sparing users from the markups and hidden charges associated with traditional banking services.

Why You Should Consider Yogupay For Money Transfer

Simplified International Payments: Yogupay makes international business transactions easier by allowing businesses to transfer funds to specific beneficiaries across boundaries. This accelerated payment approach saves administrative costs while ensuring timely funds transfers to overseas partners, suppliers, and investors.

Yogupay provides competitive currency exchange services, allowing for the simple currency exchanges required by global corporate operations. This enables businesses to optimize currency conversions and reduce the foreign exchange costs connected with international projects.

Yogupay’s emphasis on businesses doing cross-border trade with China and Europe is consistent with the traditional target markets for international commercial activity. The platform provides specialized services targeted to the specific needs of businesses working in these areas.

Transaction Payout: Yogupay offers quick payment times (often 24 to 48 hours), which speeds up the international business process and enhances liquidity management. This allows organizations to capitalize on time-sensitive investment opportunities with agility.

Dependable Money Transfers: Yogupay’s web platform allows for secure financial transfers to foreign recipients via bank transfers, which are the principal method of payment. This improves confidence, transparency, and regulatory compliance, reducing the risks involved with international cash transfers.

Currency changing: Yogupay’s currency switching feature allows businesses to properly manage currency risk throughout their worldwide business processes. Yogupay enables businesses to avoid currency fluctuations and maximize investment returns across a wide range of countries by allowing for seamless conversion between supported currencies.


Finally, security, prices, and convenience are important considerations when choosing the best app for sending money to Ghana. Among the top seven apps Yogupay, Remitly, MoneyGram, WorldRemit, Wise, TransferGo, and Skrill, Yogupay stands out. Its user-friendly design, cheap rates, and strong security make it the top choice for sending money to Ghana. While Remitly and MoneyGram provide global reliability, WorldRemit and Wise offer new solutions, Yogupay stands out for its price, security, and ease of use. By using Yogupay, you can assure that your money arrives in Ghana quickly and safely. Yogupay uses strong authentication and encryption procedures to protect sensitive personal and financial data. Customers can enjoy piece of mind knowing that their transactions are secure.

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