How YoguPay Can Transform Your Business With Faster International Payments

As a business owner, every minute counts when it comes to money transfers. With Yogupay’s payment solutions for businesses, you can slash the wait time it takes to make payments and streamline your business operations with faster international payment.

How YoguPay Can Transform Your Business With Faster International Payments 

Are you struggling with slow international business payments and their negative impact on your cash flow and operations? 

As a business owner, you know that every minute counts when it comes to money transfers.  Waiting around for cross-border payments to process can seriously impact your operations. Plus, you wouldn’t want to delay your vendors and suppliers, right?

The good news is, that with Yogupay’s payment solutions for businesses, you can slash the wait time it takes to make payments and streamline your business operations with faster international payments. 

So, if faster payments and improved cash flow sound good to you, keep reading to find out how Yogupay can transform your international payments.

  • Streamline Payments With Yogupay

Connecting suppliers and vendors is simple with Yogupay. For African businesses that import from China and Europe, Yogupay allows you to pay vendor and supplier invoices using any preferred payment method, such as bank transfer, credit/debit card, or eWallet. This seamless payment process reduces time spent on administration and chasing payments. This enables you to pay international clients in their local currency, which can help build trust and improve customer experience.

Are you an African importer who frequently transacts with contractors, suppliers, or vendors in Europe and other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, etc? Yogupay provides a simple, fast, and affordable way to request and receive payments across borders so you can focus on growing your business. 

  • Save Time and Money With Bulk Payment Solutions

If you make frequent bulk business payments across borders, Yogupay’s bulk payment solution can save you serious time and money. 

With our bulk payment feature, you can combine multiple payments in one transaction, reducing fees. Rather than paying for each transfer, you pay one flat fee for the entire bulk payment. The more payments you combine, the more you save.

All you need to do is upload a single file with details for all recipients at once, and the platform takes care of the rest. No need to enter information for each payment manually. Yogupay mass payout solution will verify the details and process the payments promptly according to your instructions.

What’s more?

Bulk payments provide an efficient way to pay employees, affiliates, and vendors on schedule every month. Set up recurring bulk payments, and the specified amount will automatically be delivered on the date you choose for each billing cycle. You’ll never miss another payment or deal with late fees again.

Forget logging in and out, filling out forms, and keeping track of transfer receipts for every payment. With Yogupay’s bulk payment solution, you can manage all your recurring and one-off cross-border payments in one place and be confident your funds will reach the intended recipients accurately and on time. 

  • Accept Payments in Multiple Currencies With a Multi-Currency Merchant Account

Conducting business globally often means paying suppliers and vendors in different currencies, and Yogupay can help you eliminate that hassle with a seamless multicurrency merchant account. A multi-currency merchant account allows your business to accept payments from international customers in different currencies. Rather than requiring customers to pay in your business’s home currency, you can bill them in their local currency using real-time foreign exchange rates. This provides a better customer experience and can increase international sales through the following: 

  • Seamless Currency Conversion

Do you sell goods or services to customers across Africa, Canada, the UK, or Latin America? Our multi-currency merchant account allows you to accept payments in over 20 currencies from customers worldwide. Yogupay’s multi-currency merchant account converts the received currency automatically at the point of sale using current exchange rates. Your customers pay in their preferred currency, which is deposited in your account in your base currency. This allows for a smooth checkout experience without the hassle of manually calculating exchange rates.

  • Reduced Foreign Exchange Fees

The Yogupay platform offers more competitive foreign exchange fees than standard bank foreign exchange rates. Fees are typically a percentage of the transaction amount, ranging from 0.5% to 3% per transaction. Lower forex fees mean more customers’ payments go directly into your business account.

  • Simplified Reconciliation and Reporting

All transactions, currency conversions, and foreign exchange fees are recorded and summarized for easy reconciliation and reporting. You’ll have a clear view of sales volumes and revenue in your customers’ currencies and your base currency. 

Yogupay’s multi-currency merchant account is a valuable tool for any business conducting cross-border ecommerce in Africa, Canada, or the UK. By accepting payments in multiple currencies, you can provide an optimal experience for international customers, tap into new revenue streams, and gain insights into your global sales performance. If your business is ready to expand into new markets, a multi-currency merchant account should be an important consideration.


As a business owner, saving time and money with your payments is crucial. Yogupay’s bulk payment solution and multi-currency merchant account make sending and receiving payments across borders easy.

Between fast payments, multi-currency support, and features that streamline business processes, Yogupay provides fast, affordable, and secure payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Your suppliers, vendors, and customers will appreciate the speed and convenience – and you’ll have peace of mind knowing each transaction is facilitated 

Why deal with the hassle of working with multiple payment providers in different countries? With Yogupay, you have everything you need to get paid and pay others internationally, faster and more efficiently than ever before. So go ahead – start invoicing your clients, paying your overseas suppliers, and accepting global payments with confidence. 

To get started, visit us at or contact our customer service team. We’re here to help your business go global.

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