5 Best Apps to Send and Receive Money to Africa from UK

These fintech companies are disrupting the traditional remittance market by offering faster, and cheaper ways to send money across borders.


Do you regularly need to send money from the UK to Africa? Or perhaps you are looking for the best app to receive money in Nigeria from the UK? 

Whatever the case, cross-border transfers can be a complex process especially when using traditional banks and money transfer operators. Challenges like high transfer charges, fluctuating exchange rates, and slow transfer times make it daunting to send money across borders.

According to a World Bank report, the average cost of sending money from the UK to Africa is 9.3% of the amount sent. In some cases, both the sender and the receiver have to bear the brunt of these charges. 

Thankfully, fintech companies are disrupting the traditional remittance market by offering faster, and cheaper ways to send money across borders. In fact, the World Bank estimates that the cost of sending money to Africa will continue to decrease with the rise of fintech solutions.

That said, if you’re looking for more reliable ways to send money from the UK to Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and beyond, this guide is for you. Whether you want to shop on your fave e-commerce store, pay for services, or support your loved ones back home, we have you covered. 

Read on to discover the top 5 fastest and cheapest apps to send money from the UK to Africa.

5 Best Fintech Apps To Send Money From UK to Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for digital remittance services across the globe. While there may be thousands of cross-border remittance platforms in Africa, below are our top 5 picks of the best apps to send money from the UK to Africa. They include: 

1. YoguPay

If you’re in the UK and need to send money to Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, or vice versa, one of the best options to consider is Yogupay. YoguPay is a notable intra-Africa payment platform that offers a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for sending money from the UK to various African countries. It is known for its competitive rates, top-notch customer service, and security features that ensure your transactions are safe. This Fintech solution is designed to streamline the process of cross-border money transfers, making it faster, cheaper, and more convenient. 

Why Choose Yogupay? 

Speed: YoguPay offers one of the fastest money transfer services. With just a few taps on your smartphone, your loved ones can receive the money within minutes.

Affordable Rates: Unlike many traditional money transfer methods, YoguPay offers low fees and competitive exchange rates. This ensures that more of your money reaches its intended recipient.

Convenience: You don’t need to visit a bank or stand in long queues. With YoguPay, you can send money from the comfort of your home or anywhere else, anytime you want.

Security: YoguPay uses secure technology to protect your transactions, ensuring that your money is safe every step of the way.

Multi-currency Wallet: With Yogupay, users can maintain balances in various currencies, facilitating smooth and cost-effective money transfers from the UK to Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, or South Africa.

User-Friendly Platform: Yogupay’s platform is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. It features a clean, intuitive layout that makes it simple to input transaction details and execute transfers swiftly and efficiently. 

So, whether you’re sending money for family support, education, health, or investment, YoguPay ensures that your money gets to where it’s needed quickly and affordably. 

How to Use YoguPay 

Using YoguPay is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide: 

  • Register for a free account on the YoguPay website or app.
  • Choose the country where you want to send money.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Provide the recipient’s information.
  • Choose your payment method and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the money will be transferred to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet, depending on the options available in the recipient’s country. 

There’s no doubt that YoguPay is a game-changer in the world of cross-border money transfers. It’s fast, affordable, secure, and convenient. But it’s not the only option. In the following section, we’ll explore other Fintech solutions that are also making a significant impact in this space.

2. Remitly

Remitly, headquartered in the United States, is a well-established fintech firm providing excellent international money transfer services. The platform is renowned for its speed, convenience, and competitive exchange rates, making it one of the top choices for sending money from the UK to Africa. 

The company’s robust digital infrastructure facilitates quick and secure transactions. Below are some key features that make Remitly a preferred choice: 

Speed: Offering both express and economy transfers, Remitly ensures fast delivery of funds. Express transfers are typically completed within minutes, while economy transfers may take up to 3-5 business days. The choice depends on the urgency of the transfer and the sender’s preference.

Convenience: With Remitly’s user-friendly mobile app and online platform, users can send money anytime, anywhere. The process is simple and intuitive, reducing the time and effort involved in traditional money transfers.

Exchange Rates and Fees: Remitly offers competitive exchange rates. Their transparent fee structure is based on the transfer method chosen, the amount being sent, and the destination country. There are no hidden charges, which instills trust among its users.

Security: Remitly prioritizes user data and transaction security. The platform is backed by robust encryption and anti-fraud measures, ensuring safe and secure transfers.

3. Wise

Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise is a prominent and effective money transfer service that provides a fast and economical solution for sending money from the UK to Africa. The service is renowned for its transparent fee structure and impressive exchange rates, which are usually based on the mid-market rate. 

Wise’s operational model is straightforward and user-friendly: money is transferred from the sender’s bank account to Wise’s bank account in the UK. The equivalent amount is then sent from Wise’s account in the recipient’s country to the recipient’s account. This process significantly reduces the costs associated with international transfers. The key features and benefits of Wise include: 

Transparency: The fees are displayed upfront, and they are generally lower than many traditional banks and money transfer services.

Flexibility: The service is available in more than 50 countries, including key African nations like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

Speed: Transfers can be completed within one to two business days.

Convenience: Users can access the service anytime, anywhere via the Wise website or mobile application.

Despite these advantages, Wise does have some limitations. These include: 

  • The requirement for both the sender and recipient to have a bank account.
  • The inability to send money directly to mobile wallets, a popular form of financial transaction in many African countries.

In conclusion, Wise is a solid option for sending money from the UK to Africa owing to its affordability, speed, and transparency. However, for those looking for more flexible options that include mobile wallet transfers, other fintech solutions might be worth considering. 

4. Azimo

Azimo, a renowned remittance service based in the United Kingdom, is a popular option for individuals looking to send money to Africa. With a strong presence in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, Azimo offers both speed and affordability in cross-border transactions. 

Speed: Azimo offers fast transaction processing times, typically within minutes when sending to a mobile wallet, or up to 24 hours for bank transfers. The speed of service is dependent on the chosen delivery method and the receiving country’s financial institutions. 

Note: Transaction processing times may vary due to factors such as holidays, weekends, and the operational hours of the receiving bank.

Affordability: Azimo prides itself on offering competitive fees and exchange rates. They provide two fee-free transfers to new customers and typically charge a flat fee and a small percentage of the transfer amount for subsequent transactions. 

  • Flat Fee: The flat fee varies depending on the country to which you’re sending money. For example, it costs £0.99 to send money to Nigeria and £2.99 to South Africa.
  • Percentage Fee: Azimo charges a small percentage of the transfer amount, which decreases as the transfer amount increases.

While Azimo is a viable option for sending money from the UK to Africa, it’s always recommended to compare rates and fees from multiple money transfer services to ensure the best deal. 

5. ChipperCash

Established in 2018, ChipperCash is a rapidly growing fintech company that offers a simple and cost-effective way of sending money from the United Kingdom to several African countries. With ChipperCash, users can send money directly to bank accounts or mobile wallets in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, among others. Benefits of using ChipperCash includes: 

Speed and Reliability: ChipperCash offers speedy money transfers, typically completed in just a matter of minutes.

Cost: One of the main selling points of ChipperCash is that it charges no fees for transfers, making it an affordable choice, particularly for smaller amounts.

Security: The company employs high-level security measures to ensure user data is kept secure and all transactions are protected.

Accessibility: With a mobile app available on both Android and iOS, ChipperCash is easily accessible, allowing users to send money on the go.

Overall, ChipperCash is a solid choice for cross-border transfers, particularly for those sending smaller amounts to the countries it supports. It offers speed, reliability, and security in its transactions, making it a contender among the various fintech solutions available today.

Note: While these fintech solutions offer convenience and affordability, it is crucial to review their terms and conditions before conducting transactions. Ensure that the chosen platform suits your needs and those of your recipients.


The use of fintech solutions for cross-border transfers from the UK to Africa is not just a trend; it is a significant shift in how individuals and businesses conduct financial transactions. By embracing these solutions, individuals can enjoy greater convenience, lower costs, and enhanced security when sending money abroad. 

Whether you choose YoguPay or any other fintech solution for your cross-border transfers, it is clear that the future of money transfer is digital. As the fintech industry continues to grow, it is expected that the process of sending money from the UK to Africa will continue to be simplified and become even more cost-effective. This progress is a welcomed development, especially for individuals who regularly send money to their loved ones in Africa. 

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