Abidemi Fasakin

Abidemi Fasakin

How Digital Remittance Solutions are Empowering African Entrepreneurs

In the vibrant marketplaces of Lagos, Accra, and Nairobi, entrepreneurial spirits are driving Africa’s economic future. Yet, traditional financial barriers often hinder their progress. Digital remittance solutions are changing this narrative, providing African entrepreneurs with new ways to access, manage, and grow their businesses through faster, cheaper, and more accessible financial services.

 The Challenges of Financial Inclusion in Africa

financial inclusion in africa
Across Africa, financial exclusion is a significant barrier to economic growth and poverty reduction. Despite technological advancements, millions remain outside the formal financial system. This blog explores the challenges hindering financial inclusion in Africa, offering insights into the factors at play and potential solutions to bridge the gap.

Bank Transfer vs Online Remittance Services

Bank Transfer vs Online Remittances
In today's globalized society, transferring money across borders has become increasingly essential for individuals and businesses alike, whether you are sending money to support your family, paying for goods, or investing in a project abroad. Historically, bank transfers were the primary means for conducting such transactions.

Top 5 Countries Sending Remittances to Africa

sending remittance to africa
Remittances are a key source of income for many African families, helping to maintain and build the continent's economy. With millions of Africans living abroad, the money they send home helps to support households, boost education, healthcare, and promote small companies. In this blog post, we look at the top five countries that send remittances to Africa and discuss their influence on the region.

Managing Your Finances as an International Student in Canada

Studying abroad is an exciting and transforming experience that provides a unique combination of academic improvement and personal development. For international students in Canada, this trip offers the excitement of a new culture, a variety of learning venues, and endless chances. However, it also highlights the difficulty of managing finances in a foreign financial landscape.

Africa’s brain drain and its impact on the African continent

Brain drain, also known as human capital flight, occurs when a large number of intelligent, skilled, and talented individuals leave their home country. Many people migrate to richer countries in search of better work, better living conditions, and higher wages. This is how Africa has always been, but it's gotten worse as a result of previous events and current events.

The Best 7 Apps to Send Money to Ghana

Best Apps To Send Money From UK to Ghana
In today’s global economy, sending money has become imperative for many people and firms. It is essential to get a reliable, fast, and affordable method for sending money to family & friends or colleagues in Ghana. There are a lot of money transfer apps on the market, and deciding which one to go with can be challenging.