How I Save on International Transfers With YoguPay

It’s a new year and if you run a cross-border business or have family back in Africa, you are bound to make several international payments. If you are looking to save more on cross-border payments in 2024, read on to find out how Yogupay can streamline your payment process.

How I Save on International Transfers With YoguPay

You know how frustrating international money transfers can be with those ridiculous fees and confusing exchange rates. As someone who frequently sends money abroad, I was tired of getting ripped off. That is until I discovered YoguPay in 2023. This innovative fintech company 

YoguPay makes moving money around the globe fast, easy, and affordable. If you’re still using those outdated wire services and getting hit with fees left and right, it’s time you joined the future of international transfers with YoguPay.

It’s a new year and if you run a cross-border business or have family back in Africa, you are bound to make several international payments. If you are looking to save more on cross-border payments in 2024, read on to find out how Yogupay can streamline your payment process. 

  • Paying Bills for Loved Ones Back Home

Paying the bills for your loved ones back home is now easier than ever with YoguPay. The platform’s low-cost international money transfers and bill payment features allow you to help your family when you’re not there in person.

  • Pay Utility Bills

Do your parents live in Africa while you are in Canada or the UK? Paying their monthly utility bills can be a great way to support them from afar. With YoguPay, you can pay for essential services like electricity, water, phone, and internet. Simply set up each biller in your YoguPay account, and enter the account number for the bill you want to pay and the amount due. YoguPay will transfer the funds directly to the biller to ensure services stay on. No more worrying if the bills were paid on time!

  • Send Money for Medical Expenses

If a family member needs help paying for medical care or prescriptions, use YoguPay to send money for their health needs. Add your recipient’s bank details to your YoguPay contacts and send the funds directly to their account. YoguPay’s competitive exchange rates and low fees minimize the cost, so more money goes to helping your loved one. You’ll both know that funds can be sent quickly when medical needs arise.

  • Set Automatic Transfers

For ongoing regular expenses like rent or mortgage payments, set up automatic recurring transfers in YoguPay. Choose the frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and enter the recipient’s details. YoguPay will automatically transfer the funds on schedule so payments are never missed or late. Automatic transfers make it easy to provide continual financial support for your loved ones when you can’t be there yourself.

With features like low-cost transfers, bill payments and automatic recurring transfers, YoguPay helps you assist family back home and gain reassurance that their essential financial needs are covered. Supporting loved ones from a distance has never been more straightforward.

  • Exchanging Currency at Great Rates

With Yogupay, you can exchange currency at incredibly competitive rates. The over-the-counter (OTC) exchange lets you swap between several African currencies whenever needed. Say you have Canadian dollars left over from your last trip, but your rent is due in KES. Simply log in to your YoguPay account and select the amount of CAD you want to exchange, and the system will automatically give you the best market rate to convert it into KES. 

YoguPay uses mid-market rates for all exchanges, so you’ll get a fair price without the usual markup with currency exchange. The process is quick and convenient too. Exchanges between African currencies are completed instantly. If you exchange an African currency with CAD or GBP, the transaction is completed within a few hours or 2 business days. Once the funds have been exchanged, you can withdraw the money directly to your bank account or load it onto your YoguPay multicurrency wallet to pay bills or send money abroad.

For frequent travelers or those who regularly send money overseas, using YoguPay to exchange currency at mid-market rates can add up to huge savings over time compared to using a traditional bank. Our transparent pricing and focus on low-cost international transfers make exchanging money more affordable and hassle-free.

  • Low Fees for Sending Money Globally

YoguPay makes sending money internationally affordable. The platform offers foreign exchange rates very close to the mid-market rate. This means more of your hard-earned cash makes it into the hands of your loved ones

Moreso, with YoguPay, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges. If you send money internationally regularly, YoguPay rewards your loyalty. They offer tiered discounts for high-volume senders. This can add up to major savings over time for frequent remittance senders or small businesses conducting international wire transfers. For affordable, transparent global money transfers, YoguPay can’t be beat.

  • Mass Payments Made Easy

With YoguPay, making mass payments to friends, family, employees, or vendors in different countries is a breeze. Their mass payout feature allows you to pay multiple recipients at once safely and conveniently.

To get started, simply upload a spreadsheet with the payment details for each recipient, including their name, payment amount, and payment method. YoguPay supports bank transfers, mobile wallets, cash pickups, and more across its wide network of partners worldwide.

Once you’ve uploaded the file, YoguPay will verify each recipient and initiate the payments. Your recipients will receive notifications and be able to collect the funds instantly in many cases. You’ll receive updates on the status of each payment so you know exactly when the money has been delivered.

For business owners, the mass payout tool is ideal for payroll, vendor payments, commissions, and reimbursements across borders. For individuals, it’s great for sending gifts, donations, or support to groups of friends or causes you care about internationally.

YoguPay handles the foreign exchange and any fees required to deliver funds in each recipient’s local currency. Their competitive exchange rates and low flat fees mean more of your money goes directly to the recipients.

With just a few clicks, you can move money to many people worldwide at once. YoguPay’s mass payments feature makes sending money internationally as easy as it should be.


Whether you need to send money to family abroad, pay bills for loved ones in other countries, exchange currency for your next trip, or make mass payments to employees or vendors overseas, YoguPay has you covered with low fees and competitive exchange rates. Their innovative features like the multicurrency wallet, OTC desk, and bill payment options, are game-changers. 

While traditional banks and services are still playing catch-up, YoguPay is innovating for the digital age and passing the savings onto you. If saving money and hassle on your global transactions is important to you, it’s time to give YoguPay a try. Your wallet will thank you

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